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Tuyển Tập Đoản Văn Ngô Mệnh Kỵ Sĩ
Tác giả: phinguyetlau
Thể loại: Truyện Teen
Trạng thái:Full

Tuyển Tập Đoản Văn Ngô Mệnh Kỵ Sĩ

Đánh giá: 0/5 từ 0 lượt
Rule #1: "Maintain Your Smile at All Times"
Rule #2: "Gracefully, Leisurely, and Most Importantly, Fair-skinned"
Rule #3: "Even in the Face of Death, One Must Die Gracefully"
Rule #4: "One's Ability to Recover has to be Better than Good"
Rule #5: "Save up for Retirement to Avoid Impoverishment in One's Old Age"
Rule #6: "Build your Social Network! Maintain good relationships with others, even if it's a corpse"
Rule #7: "Don't Underestimate Anything; Even a Shirt will Bite you if it's Angry"
Rule #8: "Don't Act Suspiciously While Wearing a Cloak"
Rule #9: "If You Want to Know a Secret, Ask a Woman"
Rule #10: "Carrying out Justice is the Reason for the Sun Knight's Existence"


Shared Rule #1: "No Matter What Happens, the Sun Knight is Perfect"

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